Why Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know About GandalfGPT’s [CONTEXT] Feature?

GandalfGPT’s [CONTEXT] feature is not just a tool, it’s like having a business-savvy companion by your side, ready to delve into the intricacies of your enterprise, making sense of the complex dance of market dynamics.

Designed to understand and analyze the broader picture, this feature provides a clear, insightful lens through which entrepreneurs can view their ventures. 

It’s about diving deeper, going beyond the surface to uncover the underlying currents that drive market trends and consumer behaviors.

With this capability, you’re not just staying in tune with the market; it’s about making more informed decisions, fueling innovation and navigating the complex business terrain with an ally that’s built to empower your entrepreneurial journey.


GandalfGPT is available on select AI platforms, primarily catering to businesses and developers. 

Eligibility often revolves around subscription tiers, with premium users getting early access or enhanced features. To get started :

  1. Sign Up : Register on the platform offering GandalfGPT. (https://platform.lakera.ai/)
  2. Choose Your Tier : Depending on your business needs, select the appropriate subscription.
  3. Access the Interface : Once registered, navigate to the GandalfGPT section to start using the [CONTEXT] placeholder.


  1. Clarity in Communication : The [CONTEXT] placeholder serves as a bridge, ensuring the model grasps the background or situation tied to your prompt. It’s like briefing a consultant about your business challenge before seeking advice.
  2. Tailored Responses : By understanding the scenario, GandalfGPT can offer answers that resonate with the specific context, ensuring relevance and applicability.
  1. Strategic Positioning : For optimal results, place the [CONTEXT] placeholder at the prompt’s onset, setting the stage for your Main query.
  2. Seamless Integration : It acts as a natural extension of your question, ensuring the model remains aligned with your business perspective.
  1. Crafting the Context : Think of [CONTEXT] as a canvas. Paint a clear picture, whether brief or detailed, of the situation you want the model to consider.
  2. Precision is Key : While it’s tempting to provide exhaustive details, being concise ensures the model remains focused on the core issue.

    Example :

Generic Query : “How can I boost sales?”

        Contextual Query : “[CONTEXT: I run an online organic tea store facing competition from big brands.] How can I boost sales?” The latter not only states the problem but also provides a backdrop, enabling GandalfGPT to offer more targeted solutions.


  1. Enhanced Relevance : Say goodbye to generic answers. With [CONTEXT], every response is tailored to your business’s unique challenges.
  2. Guided Insights : Direct the AI’s thinking, ensuring the solutions align with your business strategy and vision.

GandalfGPT’s [CONTEXT] placeholder is more than just a feature; it’s a paradigm shift in how businesses interact with AI. As the AI landscape evolves, staying updated is paramount.

And with tools like GandalfGPT, businesses have a competitive edge.

Ready to harness the power of GandalfGPT for your business? 

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