Enhance Your Customer Outreach

AI-Driven Outbound Sales for Next-Level Efficiency

Revolutionize your sales process with AI.


Outbound Sales Agent is a comprehensive platform designed to create, configure, and deploy sophisticated AI voice and text assistants. These assistants are capable of handling various tasks, including making outbound calls, and scheduling appointments, ensuring businesses can automate and streamline their customer interaction processes.

Key Features


AI Voice Assistants

Human-like Conversational AI: The platform supports AI voice assistants that can engage in natural conversations.

Outbound Calls: AI assistants can make outbound calls, and manage appointment scheduling.

No Coding Required: Setting up these assistants does not require any coding skills, making it accessible for all users.


Assistant Teams

Automated Teams: Businesses can automate entire teams for customer support, sales, and other functions using AI assistants.

Quick Deployment: Deploy powerful AI voice assistants quickly through a no-code platform.


Integration and Connectivity

Seamless Integration: The platform integrates smoothly with essential apps like HubSpot, Google Suite, and Stripe, ensuring continuous operation.

Connectivity: Ensures seamless connectivity across various business touchpoints.


No-Code Customization

Drag-and-Drop Interface: Users can create complex, multi-step workflows using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface without needing any coding skills.


Real-Time Appointment Booking

Instant Scheduling: AI assistants can manage bookings and determine real-time availability, scheduling appointments instantly during calls.


Voice Selection and Cloning

Variety of Voices: Users can choose from a wide variety of voices or even clone their own for a more personalized experience.


AI Text Assistants

Context-Aware: Complement voice assistants with intelligent text assistants that adapt to different stages of customer interactions.


Flexible Pricing Plans

Variety of Plans: Offers various pricing plans (Starter, Pro, Growth, and Agency) to suit different business needs, supporting scalability and customizations.

Detailed Steps to Use Outbound Sales Agent


Getting Started

Sign Up: Create an account on the Synthflow AI platform.

Dashboard Navigation: Explore the dashboard to access different features and tools.


Setting Up AI Voice Assistants

Workflow Builder: Use the native workflow builder to design and deploy voice assistants.

Customization: Customize the AI assistant using the drag-and-drop interface to create tailored workflows.


Integration with Apps

Connect Apps: Integrate Synthflow AI voice assistants with essential business applications.

Synchronization: Ensure seamless synchronization with platforms like HubSpot and Google Suite.


Managing AI Assistants

Performance Monitoring: Monitor the performance of AI assistants and make necessary updates.

Quality Assurance: Access call transcripts and recordings for quality assurance and continuous improvement.


Real-Time Appointment Booking

Setup: Configure the AI assistant to manage and schedule appointments in real-time.

Availability Determination: Ensure the assistant can determine availability and book appointments during calls.


Voice Customization

Voice Selection: Choose or clone a voice for the AI assistant to provide a natural and familiar experience.

Brand Matching: Tailor the voice to match your brand and customer expectations.

Make the Outbound Sales Agent work for you!

It provides a robust solution for businesses to automate customer interactions with AI voice and text assistants. The no-code platform allows even non-technical users to create and deploy advanced AI agents. With flexible pricing plans and extensive integration capabilities, Synthflow AI is a valuable tool for enhancing business efficiency and customer satisfaction.