How will hyper-realistic AI avatars change the entertainment industry?

The creation, consumption and experience of content will undergo a permanent transformation as a result of the impending technological revolution in the entertainment sector. 

A future when musicians can play virtual concerts, actors may be raised from the dead to feature in new films and video game characters come to life with eerie realism is not as far off as you might think, thanks to the rapid improvements in hyper-realistic AI avatars.

These virtual doppelgangers, often referred to as “deepfakes,” are becoming increasingly indistinguishable from their human counterparts. 

Synthesia, a UK startup backed by Nvidia, has been at the forefront of this technological revolution, recently launching a new generation of AI-generated avatars that can sing, dance and express complex emotions with a level of detail that is both mesmerizing and unsettling.

So, how exactly will these digital doppelgangers change the game for entertainment? Let’s dive in!


  1. Breaking Down Barriers : Imagine a K-Pop band performing a concert simultaneously in Seoul, Tokyo and Los Angeles, with each venue experiencing a flawless, localized performance. AI avatars can bridge geographical divides, making global tours a breeze.
  2. Beyond the Grave : Longing to see your favorite historical figure deliver a speech on a contemporary topic? AI avatars can analyze recordings and synthesize realistic performances, allowing history to come alive in a whole new way.
  3. The Cost-Effective Chameleon : Filming a movie on location in Antarctica might be breathtaking, but it’s also expensive and logistically challenging. AI avatars can create convincing virtual sets, reducing production costs and opening doors to previously impossible locations.

The Ethics of Everything

Deepfakes, the malicious use of AI to create fake videos, have raised ethical concerns. As AI avatars become more sophisticated, ensuring responsible use will be paramount.

While AI avatars offer incredible possibilities, they shouldn’t replace the irreplaceable spark of live performances. The future of entertainment likely lies in a marriage of human and digital talent.

Global Capabilities

Synthesia’s new avatars can speak multiple languages like French and Chinese, making them viable options for companies with global employees and customers. This multilingual functionality expands the potential use cases for these hyper realistic avatars across international markets.

Synthesia plans to develop country-specific avatars in the future, such as a Chinese avatar for employee training videos. This level of customization and localization could be very valuable for entertainment companies looking to create content for diverse global audiences.

Synthesia emphasizes that its technology “always complements, not competes” and aims to “empower and amplify people’s capabilities, never to replace them.” 


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