How are virtual officers and AI apps shaping the future of Police Services?

Police forces are embracing AI-powered solutions to tackle crime more effectively, optimize resource allocation and ultimately, create a safer and more secure environment for everyone. 

The Dubai Police General Command has taken a significant step in this direction by integrating AI systems into 29 administrative operations across various departments. 

This initiative not only optimizes time and effort for both employees and customers but also bolsters the emirate’s security framework. AI is being used to develop a ‘Smart Planning for Minor Traffic Accidents’ mechanism, which enables the analysis of accidents and the generation of immediate reports for drivers without human intervention. (Source)

This reduces the steps involved in obtaining a ‘Minor Accident’ report from seven to four, making the process more efficient and customer-friendly.


One of the most notable AI applications in police services is the virtual officer, Amna. This AI-powered officer is capable of interacting with the public and answering inquiries in both Arabic and English. Officer Amna is available on the Dubai Police app and responds to inquiries about police services through voice commands.

In 2023, Officer Amna conducted 20,000 conversations with the public, demonstrating its effectiveness in enhancing public interaction and customer satisfaction.


Another significant implementation of AI and blockchain technology is the ‘lost passport certificate’ transaction. Since 2021, 66,413 certificates have been issued using this secure and encrypted service, eliminating the need for customers to visit service centers and saving them time and effort.


The Smart Police Station (SPS) is another innovative solution that offers various services to the public. Since the beginning of 2024, the SPS has received 127,515 visitors and processed 36,376 transactions. Customers can benefit from 46 services offered through 25 SPSs located conveniently across Dubai.


AI offers a multitude of benefits for police forces :

  1. Enhanced Surveillance : AI-powered cameras and drones provide continuous monitoring, reducing the need for physical presence and enabling a quicker response to incidents.
  2. Predictive Policing : By analyzing crime data, AI predicts potential crime hotspots, allowing proactive measures.
  3. Resource Optimization : AI helps allocate police resources efficiently, ensuring the right personnel are deployed to the right places at the right times.
  4. Crime Analysis : AI applications can analyze vast amounts of data to unearth connections and patterns that human analysts might miss, leading to faster and more accurate crime-solving.

While the benefits are undeniable, integrating AI into police services comes with challenges :

  • Balancing security with individual privacy is crucial.
  • AI algorithms trained on biased data can perpetuate those biases.
  • Robust frameworks are needed to ensure ethical AI use.

As AI continues to transform the landscape of law enforcement, it is essential for police forces to stay ahead of the curve by embracing these technologies and leveraging the expertise of AI officers.

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