ChatGPT vs. The New Kids on the Block – Which AI Language Model Will Rule 2024? (Featuring – Gemini, Perplexity & Claude)

Lately, our team at AI Officer, has been grappling with a question that’s been keeping us on our toes : “Which Large Language Model (LLM) reigns supreme?”

Before you imagine us locked in a heated debate with whiteboards and markers, let us clarify that this isn’t a competition for us. 😀

Instead, it’s a personal exploration to understand the unique strengths and limitations of each LLM and help you, the user, find the perfect fit for your specific needs.

We’ve spent considerable time experimenting with and analyzing some of the leading LLMs, including ChatGPT, Gemini, Claude and Perplexity. 

Each one brings its unique set of tools to the table and understanding their individual quirks is crucial to making an informed decision.

At AI Officer, we believe in fostering a deep understanding of AI, not just its potential, but also its nuances and ethical implications, to empower businesses for success. 

We’re about to embark on a journey through the LLM landscape, unveiling what each model excels at and where it might fall short. 

Remember, there’s no single “best” LLM and the ideal choice depends entirely on your individual goals and priorities.


  1. ChatGPT

This trailblazer has revolutionized the field with its ability to understand and generate human-like text.  

ChatGPT caters to diverse needs, from assisting developers with code snippets to empowering analysts with advanced data analysis. Its integration with DALL-E even unlocks creative avenues like image generation. 

Pricing plans vary based on usage and features, with a free tier available for basic interactions.

  1. GEMINI (formerly BARD)

A content creation game-changer, Gemini excels at crafting in-depth, human-like content. Its ability to generate unique and engaging content makes it a favorite among marketers and content creators. Gemini seamlessly translates languages, preserving the essence and context of the original piece, a valuable asset in a globalized world. 

Pricing structures range from freemium options to enterprise plans, depending on usage and required features.


Standing out with its ethical compass, Claude prioritizes responsible and unbiased content generation, reflecting the growing importance of ethical considerations in AI. This focus ensures that Claude’s outputs and tasks align with ethical guidelines, making it a trusted partner for sensitive applications. 

While pricing information isn’t readily available on their website, reaching out to their team directly for details is recommended.


The researcher’s best friend, Perplexity is designed for those seeking depth, accuracy and research-backed content. From tackling complex scientific queries to delivering in-depth analyses of literature, Perplexity grounds its outputs in thorough research and credible sources. Perplexity offers a free tier for basic use, with paid plans catering to power users and research teams.


While each model boasts unique strengths, they have limitations too. 

ChatGPT, for example, while versatile, might struggle with tasks requiring deep expertise in specific domains. Plus it’s free version is only up to September 2021!

Similarly, Gemini’s content creation prowess may not align with the technical precision required for specialized fields.

Claude, despite its ethical focus, might be overly cautious, potentially hindering creativity in certain scenarios.

Finally, Perplexity’s detailed approach could overwhelm users seeking quick, high-level information.


Choosing the right LLM depends on your specific needs and priorities :

  1. Developers and analysts – Look no further than ChatGPT for its versatility and code generation capabilities.
  2. Content creators and marketers – Gemini’s human-like content generation makes it a perfect fit for crafting engaging content.
  3. Organizations prioritizing ethical AI -Claude’s focus on responsible content creation ensures ethical decision-making.
  4. Academics and researchers – Perplexity’s research-backed content generation empowers efficient literature reviews and research summaries.

As of now, ChatGPT leads the pack due to its broad range of applications. 

However, the landscape is constantly shifting, with each model carving its niche. Ultimately, the choice depends on individual needs and ethical considerations.

As we approach 2024, the question isn’t just about who will dominate, but how we can combine their strengths to redefine possibilities. 

We’ve delved into the fascinating world of LLMs, exploring their quirks and strengths. 

But the real question remains : Which one aligns best with your unique goals and needs?

Whether you’re a creative mind seeking content creation magic with Gemini, a researcher diving deep with Perplexity, or an organization prioritizing ethical considerations with Claude, the ideal LLM awaits your discovery.

Share your thoughts! 

We’d love to hear what sparks your curiosity and which LLM piques your interest most. 

Let’s continue the conversation and navigate the exciting world of AI together.

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