[You’ll Wonder How You Survived Without Them] 12 Mind-Blowing AI Tools Every SME Owner Needs 

Have you ever wished for a magic wand that could automate tasks, boost productivity and revolutionize your business? Well, we may not have a wand, but we do have something even better : AI Tools

These mind-blowing tools will leave you wondering how you ever survived without them. 

If you’re an SME owner, You’re probably wondering how you can get started with AI. Well, you’re in luck! 

Prepare to have your mind blown as we delve into the top 12 AI tools that every SME owner needs!

These tools are easy to use and can help you automate tasks, improve customer service and boost your marketing efforts.

Without further ado, let’s quickly delve into them along with a sample prompt!

Tool 1 : Descript

Say goodbye to countless hours spent transcribing and editing audio and video content. Descript uses AI to transcribe and edit your media files seamlessly. 

Simply upload your recordings, and Descript will work its magic, making it a breeze to polish your content and create engaging material. 

Sample Prompt : “Please transcribe my latest podcast episode and remove any filler words”

Tool 2 : Chat GPT 

Need a 24/7 customer support representative? Look no further than Chat GPT. 

This AI-powered chatbot can handle customer inquiries, provide product recommendations, and even assist with troubleshooting.

Sample Prompt : “Please answer customer questions about our latest product launch and provide a discount code if requested.”

Tool 3 : Mid-Journey

Midjourney is an advanced artificial intelligence (AI) platform designed to assist business owners by transforming descriptive text into vivid and visually appealing images. 

Whether you need eye-catching graphics for marketing materials, engaging social media content, or captivating website imagery, Midjourney empowers business owners to effortlessly create visually captivating assets that resonate with their audience.

Sample Prompt : “Imagine a group of loyal customers standing tall, forming a solid foundation, while a business reaches new heights amidst a backdrop of success. “

Tool 4 : Runway AI

Bring your creative ideas to life with Runway AI. 

This powerful tool enables you to generate stunning visuals, manipulate images, and even create unique artwork using the power of AI. 

Sample Prompt : “Generate a series of eye-catching social media graphics for our upcoming campaign.”

Tool 5 : GetResponse

Say goodbye to generic email marketing campaigns. 

GetResponse combines the power of AI with email automation, allowing you to create personalized, targeted email campaigns that truly resonate with your audience. 

Sample Prompt : “Send a personalized email to our subscribers who haven’t engaged with our content in the past month, offering them a special discount.”

Tool 6 : Mem

Never forget an important task or deadline again with Mem. This AI-powered task management tool helps you stay organized by automatically scheduling and prioritizing your to-do list based on your preferences and workload. 

Sample Prompt : “Remind me to follow up with the new client next Tuesday and prioritize it as a high-priority task.”

Tool 7 : Looka

Looka (CNW Group/Looka)

Designing a captivating logo is now a piece of cake with Looka. 

This AI tool uses machine learning to create professional logos based on your preferences. It’s perfect for startups and SMEs looking to establish a strong brand identity. 

Sample Prompt : “Generate a modern and minimalist logo for our new online boutique.”

Tool 8 : AI Warehouse

Need a data scientist but don’t have the budget for one? 

AI Warehouse is the solution. This tool empowers you to extract valuable insights from your data, uncover patterns and make data-driven decisions without requiring specialized expertise. 

Sample Prompt : “Analyze our sales data and identify the key factors influencing customer churn.”

Tool 9 : Browse AI

Writing compelling content just got easier with Browse AI. 

This AI writing assistant suggests improvements, provides grammar and style recommendations and even helps generate content ideas, saving you time and ensuring your writing is top-notch. 

Sample Prompt : “Browse AI, help me come up with an attention-grabbing headline for our latest blog post on digital marketing trends.”

Tool 10 :  Copy AI

Say goodbye to writer’s block and hello to Copy AI. 

This tool uses AI to generate persuasive and engaging marketing copy, whether it’s for social media ads, product descriptions or email campaigns. 

Sample Prompt : “Copy AI, create an attention-grabbing social media post for our new product launch.”

Tool 11 : Spin Rewriter 

Need unique content for your website or blog?

Spin Rewriter is here to help. This AI tool can rewrite existing articles, ensuring they are original and plagiarism-free while retaining the core message.

Sample Prompt : “Rewrite this blog post about AI tools for SMEs while maintaining its informative and engaging tone.”

Tool 12 : Merlin

Are you ready to dive into the world of voice assistants? 

Merlin is an AI-powered voice assistant that can handle various tasks, from setting reminders and scheduling appointments to providing real-time weather updates. 

Sample Prompt: “Add a reminder to my calendar for the Sales Team Meeting next Monday at 2 PM.”

Now that you’re equipped with these mind-blowing AI tools, your business will never be the same again. Embrace the power of AI and let it take your SME to new heights!

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Remember, the Future is here and AI is ready to revolutionize your business. Don’t Get Left Behind— Embrace the Power of AI today!

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