The “iPhone of AI” – What is Sam Altman and Johnny Ive’s Secret Device?

The world of Artificial Intelligence is heating up and a new project by tech titans Sam Altman and Johnny Ive has grabbed everyone’s attention. 

But what exactly is this secretive device they’re calling the “iPhone of AI“?  (Source)


Altman, CEO of OpenAI and Ive, the former design mastermind behind Apple, are seeking a whopping $1 billion in funding for this unnamed project. While details are scarce, we know it won’t be a typical smartphone

This raises a multitude of questions :

  • What will this AI device look like? 
  • Will Johnny Ive’s design philosophy prioritize minimalism and user-friendliness or will it venture into entirely new territory?
  • How will it function? Will it rely on traditional screens for interaction or will it explore more intuitive and voice-activated interfaces?
  • What problem is it trying to solve? Is it aiming to be a personal assistant, a productivity tool or something entirely different?


The race for AI dominance isn’t just about technology; it’s about securing the brightest minds in the field. The transcript reveals how OpenAI, under Altman’s leadership, is aggressively recruiting talent. This has sparked a bidding war, with companies like Tesla forced to increase salaries to retain their AI engineers.

This fierce competition extends beyond just financial incentives. Tech giants like Meta (Mark Zuckerberg) and Google (Sergey Brin) are getting creative, personally reaching out to top researchers and engineers to secure their expertise. 


Adding another layer of intrigue is a recent shift in OpenAI’s investment fund governance. 

Previously, Altman held significant control over the fund, which supports promising AI startups. 

Now, Ian Hathaway has taken the reins, raising questions about potential conflicts of interest with Altman’s involvement in various ventures, including the mysterious AI device.


News articles suggest that Altman and Ive are seeking significant funding (up to $1 billion) to bring their vision to life. This hefty price tag hints at a potentially groundbreaking device unlike anything currently available.

  • Function : While details are scarce, some speculate the device might function similarly to a computer but with a reduced reliance on screens. This could indicate a more natural and intuitive user experience compared to traditional interfaces.
  • Challenges : One of the biggest challenges for AI adoption in SMEs is the lack of user-friendly interfaces. A device designed specifically for AI could bridge this gap, making complex functionalities more accessible.
  • Impact on SMEs : The potential applications for SMEs are vast. Imagine AI-powered tools for marketing, customer service, data analysis or even product development.

This secretive device, coupled with the fierce competition for talent and the restructuring within OpenAI, paints a picture of a rapidly evolving AI landscape. 

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In the midst of this AI arms race, a new leadership position is emerging : 

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Our AI Engineers can encompass various tasks, such as :

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This involves aligning AI initiatives with the overall business goals and ensuring they comply with relevant regulations.

  1. Managing AI risks and biases 

AI algorithms can perpetuate societal biases if not carefully monitored. The AI Officer works to mitigate these risks and promote fair and unbiased AI development.

  1. Ensuring data privacy and security

As AI relies heavily on data, the AI Officer plays a crucial role in safeguarding user data privacy and security.

  1. Promoting transparency and communication

The AI Officer bridges the gap between technical teams and stakeholders, fostering clear communication about AI projects and their impact.

The role of the AI Officer is vital in navigating the ethical and practical challenges that come with integrating AI into our lives. As AI continues to evolve, this position is likely to become increasingly important.

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As we wait for more information, one thing’s for sure : the future of AI promises to be exciting and transformative.

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